High-Temperature Laboratory Ovens & Furnaces

A custom high-temperature lab ovenCustom Furnaces for Laboratory Applications

A variety of scientific or product laboratories use high-temperature furnaces. The types of labs using laboratory furnaces range from dental labs to university labs to quality-control labs.

Accordingly, each of these laboratories have very different needs. For example, dental furnaces use high-temperature lab ovens to perform zirconia binder burnout, firing, and sintering. Quality control labs use laboratory furnaces for thermal testing to find imperfections in materials by applying high temperatures.

On the other hand, independent research laboratories and university laboratories need to perform a variety of applications across different departments and projects. Ideal for most laboratories, lab ovens provide a versatile and reliable, yet also highly effective, solution for high-temperature treatments. Safe and simple to use, laboratory furnaces serve as an invaluable part of everyday work in laboratories. A good custom lab furnace is easy to operate and use by all your laboratory workers.

Features of Sentro Tech’s Lab Furnaces

We create our Sentro Tech laboratory furnaces with your laboratory team in mind. With extensive experience, we design Sentro Tech lab furnaces for ease-of-use, safety, and efficiency regardless of application or production.

Sentro Tech’s Laboratory Ovens & Furnace Models Include:

1200°C box furnace

1500°C box furnace

1600°C box furnace

1700°C box furnace

1800°C box furnace

Questions About Lab Furnaces and Ovens

Not sure which furnace is best for your application? Contact one of our experts today! We help you choose the right furnace and design custom elements to your specifications. If you know what you need, request a quote and send us your details today!