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Sentro Tech offers furnace parts and equipment to help maintain and optimize the performance of high-temperature furnaces and ovens. From industrial furnace replacement parts to specialized temperature control systems, we have the components and devices you need for your application.

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Vacuum Pumps for Tube Furnaces

Vacuum Pumps for Tube Furnaces

A key component of controlled atmosphere furnaces, vacuum pumps are used to remove the air from the furnace tube and to change the atmosphere within the vacuum.

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Furnace Thermocouples

Furnace Thermocouples

Thermocouples, also known as temperature sensors, are electrical devices used to gauge a wide range of temperature changes in high-temperature laboratory furnaces.

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Furnace Temperature Controller System

Furnace Temperature Controller Systems

Our specialized temperature controllers are used to regulate industrial heating ovens and can be used to change furnace heating settings quickly and accurately.

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STC 4000 Data Loggers

STC-4000 High-Temperature Oven Data Logger

These temperature-sensitive data loggers detect temperature changes and track accurate data throughout experiments and processes without requiring much input from the operator.

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Furnace Temperature Controller System

STC Inert Gas Self-Circulation Cooling System

The Sentro Tech STC series self-circulating furnace cooling system is designed to provide quick and efficient cooling while protecting the products inside from oxidation.

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