High-Temperature Ceramic Tubing for Furnaces

A ceramic tube is most commonly used in industrial high temperature applications, and electrical and thermal insulations. Our ceramic tubes for high temperatures include alumina, silicon carbide, and quartz choices that have excellent thermal anti-shock, anticorrosion, and extreme high temperature resistance properties. The uniform dimensional stability of ceramic tubing offers optimal insulation while providing best protection.

Alumina Tubing

A Sentro Tech alumina tube has a purity rate of 99.5 to 99.8 percent. The alumina used in our alumina ceramic tubes is the ideal material having properties of low thermal expansion while providing superior thermal conductivity, and afford our alumina ceramic tubes to withstand high levels of compression making them thermal shock resistant. Our alumina ceramic tube models are highly dielectric and gas tight, providing a better vacuum and protective environment when being used at extremely high temperatures. Some of the highlights of our alumina ceramic tubing include excellent resistance to wear and abrasion, extreme high-temperature stability of up to 1800°C, and anticorrosive. We offer various custom sizes with a low mat

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Silicon Carbide Tubing

Our sintered alpha silicon carbide products are made from silicon carbide powder mixed with non-oxide sintering additives at temperatures between 2000°C to 2600°C to form very dense products. Silicon carbide tubes and parts can be formed by various methods such as casting and dry press allowing for complex shapes to be formed. Silicon carbide tubing’s high density and hardness next to a diamond’s allows for tight dimensional control and non-or-minimal sintering after use. Silicon carbide features include extremely resistant to wear and abrasion, high flexural strength at various temperatures, highly anti-corrosive and shock resistant, and flexible to high temperatures. Typical application of our sintered alpha silicon carbide products are used in the power, chemical and paper, oil drilling, automotive, and semi-conductive industries. A volume discount is offered on all sizes carried, if quantity ordered is more than five pieces of one size. 

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Quartz Tubing

Sentro Tech offers a variety of standard and custom quartz tubing and quartz ware used in various industrial applications. Our quartz tubes are 99.99 percent pure with excellent tolerances for high temperatures and pressures. We offer our quartz tubes in both standard American measurements and international metric measurements. Sentro Tech offers a volume discount for all available sizes as long as more than five of the same size are ordered.
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