STC Inert Gas Self-Circulation Cooling System

Sentro Tech STC series inert gas self-circulation system offers quick cooling for an atmosphere controlled furnace or vacuum furnaces. This reliable and efficient self-circulating system offers continuous protection to the products inside the furnace to avoid oxidation while achieving rapid cooling for the furnace to improve production rate.

STC Inert Gas Self-Circulation Cooling System

STC-series inert gas self-circulation cooling system is designed for quick cooling for the Sentro Tech STV-series of versatile furnaces, however can be easily retrofitted on other furnaces as well. This argon or nitrogen self-circulation cooling system will cool outlet hot gas in a specially designed heat exchanger and cool this gas to the room temperature and then re-circulate the gas back through the furnace chamber.

This self-circulation cooling system works by sending cooled inert gas through furnace heating chamber. As inert gas flows through products and heating chamber, inert gas picks up heat from products and refractory. The heated argon or nitrogen gas passes through an outlet of the furnace to the electrically cooled heat exchanger. Once the inert gas is cooled, it returns to the furnace chamber to absorb more heat. The air compressor will keep the gas moving through this system.

The gas flow rate can be adjusted by a gas flow rate valve.

Flesh gas from gas cylinder will be continually injected into the cooling system to compensate the gas leakage in the system

Self-Circulation System Specifications:

  • Inert gas max flow rate: 23-30SFC/min
  • Cooling rate: 4-5 hrs from 1300°C to 30°0C depending on the volume of products inside the furnace chamber
  • 208V single phase