1600 Degree Celsius Box Furnace (2910°F)

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Ideal for Laboratory & Production Applications

The ST-1600°C high temperature furnace is equipped with a double shell design to ensure low outside furnace temperature. This makes it ideal for dental, laboratory, universities, and any production scale applications. These furnaces are designed for accurate temperature control, excellent temperature uniformity, long lasting performance, and safe operations. The temperature ranges up to 1600°C and operate with 208/240V.

Box Furnace
Box Furnace
Box Furnace

ST-1600°C Box Furnace Features

  • Max working temperature: 1600°C
  • 30 Segment Easy Use Programmable Temperature Controller
  • High Performance Ceramic Fiber Board Lining
  • Sentro Tech’s High Quality 1600°C 6/12mm Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2) Heating Elements
  • Fast Heat Up and Energy Efficiency
  • Double Shell Design to Ensure Low Outside Furnace Temperature
  • Over temperature Protection: The Furnace will automatically shut off if the Operating Temperature exceeds the pre-set Max. Operating Temperature
  • Control Console Displays Power Output, Working Voltage and Current
  • Long Life B Type Thermocouple
  • Most models are in stock for quick delivery

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Browse ST-1600°C (2910°F) Muffle Furnace Models

MODEL Chamber H x W x D Outside Dimensions Temperature (c) Power (KW) Amps Volts
ST-1600°C-445 4″ x 4″ x 5″ 23″ x 16″ x 18″ 1600°C 3 20A 208/240V 1-Phase
ST-1600°C-666 6″ x 6″ x 6″ 28″ x 19″ x 19″ 1600°C 4 25A 208/240V 1-Phase
ST-1600°C-888 8″ x 8″ x 8″ 33″ x 22″ x 21″ 1600°C 7 40A 208/240V 1-Phase
ST-1600°C-101012 10″ x 10″ x 12″ 35″ x 24″ x 29″ 1600°C 10 60A 208/240V 1-Phase
ST-1600°C-121216 12″ x 12″ x 16″ 61″ x 26″ x 30″ 1600°C 15 90A 208/240V 1-Phase
ST-1600°C-181818 18″ x 18″ x 18″ 56″ x 36″ x 35″ 1600°C 28 15A 208/240V 3-Phase
ST-1600°C-242424 24″ x 24″ x 24″ 67″ x 42″ x 42″ 1600°C 50 70A 480V 3-Phase
ST-1600°C-363636 36″ x 36″ x 36″ 81″ x 56″ x 56″ 1600°C 110 150A 480V 3-Phase

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