Tube Furnaces

High-Temperature Vacuum Tube Furnaces with Customizable Functionalities

Sentro Tech is a leading manufacturer of custom high-temperature tube furnace appliances. We manufacture both horizontal and vertical tube furnaces. Some Sentro Tech tube furnaces come equipped with tilting, rotating, controlled atmosphere, and vacuum functionality. Customize a Sentro Tech tubular furnace model to meet your exact specifications and reduce costs in laboratory and small-scale production environments. Our vacuum and controlled atmosphere tube furnace specifications include, but are not limited to:

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High Temperature Vacuum Tube Furnaces

Vacuum and Controlled Atmosphere Tube Furnace Specifications

  • 1200°C to 1700°C Maximum Operating Temperatures
  • Tube Lengths up to 48″, Tube Diameters up to 10″
  • Multiple Heating Zones (Independently Controlled)
  • Horizontal or Vertical Configurations
  • Tilting Functionality, up to 30 Degrees
  • Rotating Functionality, up to 30 RPM
  • Connection Nozzle for Vacuum or Inert Gas
  • 30 Segment PID Temperature Controller
  • Energy-Efficient Ceramic Fiber Insulation
  • Double-Shell Design to Ensure Low Outside Temperature
  • One Year Limited Warranty on Electronic Parts

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