What Is a Sintering Furnace?

Shaping Materials With Heat in Vacuum Sintering Furnaces

A sintering furnace is used during the sintering process, which involves heating powder compacts to increase the product’s mechanical strength, density, and translucency. Sintering ovens must be able to maintain heating temperatures below the product’s melting point, as the goal is not to liquefy the material. Rather, sintering furnaces are used more to shape materials into their final product.

Photograph of Sentro Tech’s horizontal-tube sintering furnace

Sintering Process vs. Annealing Process

What is the difference between sintering and annealing?

Sintering, also called frittage, uses heat to agglomerate metal particles. Sintering in metallurgy uses heat treatment to increase the material’s strength and structural integrity. In many industries, the powder metallurgy process uses sintering to create end-use parts.

The annealing process is similar to sintering because it alters a material’s physical and, sometimes, chemical properties. An annealing oven uses heat to remove internal stresses from certain materials, such as stoneware or metal. It requires heating a material above its recrystallization temperature. With annealing, the material maintains this temperature for a given amount of time, then cools.

Industries and Applications that Use Sintering Furnaces

Photograph of Sentro Tech’s front-loading sintering furnace

The manufacturing industry uses sintering furnaces to produce metals, ceramics, plastics, and other materials. A sintering oven is commonly used by players in manufacturing to develop:

  • Stainless-steel tools
  • Shotgun shells
  • Aircraft hydraulic systems
  • Pottery
  • Ceramics
  • Ski bases
  • Snowboard bases

Selecting a Sintering Furnace

To determine the type of sintering furnace you need, evaluate your application, production processes, and other requirements, such as:High-temperature sintering furnace that loads from the top

  • Furnace size opening
  • Operating temperature
  • Furnace process atmosphere
  • Material type and mass of component
  • Required furnace output

Low-volume products usually require a batch furnace, while medium- or high-volume productions often require a continuous furnace or even a custom furnace, depending on your project.

Sentro Tech Sintering Furnaces

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