Ceramic Manufacturing

High Temperature Furnaces & Equipment for Advanced Ceramic Manufacturing

High-temperature furnaces and dry ovens are an integral part of ceramics manufacturing. From sintering, reaction bonding and de-binding applications to hot isostatic pressing, rapid heating and high temperature firing, ceramic manufacturing is an exacting process. Given the enormous amount of thermal energy required, the high temperature oven used to support this process must be able to deliver precise temperature control and uniform heating consistency.

Sentro Tech offers a wide range of high temperature furnaces, dry ovens and heating equipment, each purpose-built to meet the exacting requirements and tight tolerances of just about any ceramic manufacturing application. Our box furnaces offer the promise of reliable temperature uniformity and control. Maintaining the best value to cost ratio in the industry, SentroTech’s box furnaces are perfect for any laboratory or university application. Our ceramic manufacturing process is designed to deliver accurate temperature control and excellent uniformity for our products. Each furnace provides the precise control needed for even the most demanding lab or production processes.

Whether you need a large production scale ceramic kiln or a custom furnace, we’ll put our decades of experience in ceramic manufacturing to provide you a product that meets your application’s requirements. Additionally, with a wide range of heating parts, accessories, alumina tubes, and heating elements, we deliver the resources needed to ensure an always successful, efficient and quality controlled manufacturing process.

High Temperature Furnaces, Alumina Tubing and Parts for Ceramic Manufacturing

In addition to a broad range of box furnaces, alumina tubing and other heating elements, we can design and engineer any number of custom solutions to meet your exacting manufacturing requirements.

Standard and Custom High Temperature Box Furnaces: Ranging from 1200°C-1800°C, our box furnaces are available across a full range of configurations and temperatures.
Custom Heating Elements: We specialize in manufacturing custom heating elements, including replacement MoSi2 heating elements, for any number of applications.
Alumina Tubing: Available in custom sizes, our alumina tubes deliver 99.5% to 99.8% high purity and offer elevated temperature stability.
Dry Ovens: Offering the best Value to Cost ratio in the in oven industry, Sentro Tech high temperature dry ovens are available with a max working temperature of up to 5000°C.

The above is just a short list of the furnaces and parts we offer. Contact a Sentro Tech representative today to learn how we can serve your ceramic manufacturing needs.