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Annealing Temperature Treatment for Glass & Metal

The annealing process applies high heat to alter the microstructure of a material and change its mechanical or electrical properties. Annealing reduces hardness, increases ductility and helps to eliminate internal stresses. Laboratories use annealing furnaces or ovens to heat treat the materials in a controlled and consistent environment.

Annealing glass or metal makes materials resilient. For both materials, annealing helps to purify and improve workability. The most popular type of heat treatment, annealing changes the properties of glass and metal materials.

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Custom annealing furnaces & glass annealing ovens for glass and metal

What is the Glass & Metal Annealing Process?

Annealing glass greatly strengthens the material. First, temperature heats the glass to relieve internal stresses without causing deformation. Applying cool temperatures maintains its strength. The cooling process requires an annealing glass furnace with optimal temperature accuracy and control. Afterwards, the glass is safe to cut, polish, and drill.

The annealing process for metal is also called Metallurgy annealing. The process of annealing metal materials provides strength to ensure the ductility or flexibility of a metal. Ductility lets metal be manipulated without forming fractures.

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