Custom Quartz Tubes for Furnaces

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Quartz Tubes - Custom Tubing

Standard and Custom Quartz Materials
for Your High-Temperature Furnaces

High-durability and purity of quartz materials make it a popular choice for high-temperature furnaces. Sentro Tech offers fused quartz tubing for a variety of laboratory and production furnace applications.

We create quartz materials with custom diameters and lengths specific to your furnace’s specifications. Get a price quote and delivery estimate on custom quartz tubing by calling, faxing, or emailing your size requirements and rendering.

  • Available Tube Diameter: 3/16″ to 10″ for American size and 2 mm to 250 mm for Metric size.
  • Available Tube Length: From 1″ ( 25mm) To 72″ ( 1828mm).
  • Delivery on in-stock materials: 1-3 days

A 20-year lab furnace industry leader, Sentro Tech guarantees our materials to be the best for your particular applications.
Contact us for a quote on your quartz tubing and quartz ware today!

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Standard Quartz Tube Sizing

American Unit 99.99% Quartz Tube

Outside Dia. Inside Dia.
Sentro Tech Catalog # inch mm inch mm
STQ-0250 0.25″ 6.4mm 0.37″ 9.4mm
STQ-0500 0.50″ 12.7mm 0.62″ 15.7mm
STQ-0750 0.75″ 19.1mm 0.87″ 22.1mm
STQ-1000 1.0″ 25.4mm 1.12″ 28.4mm
STQ-1500 1.5″ 38.1mm 1.66″ 42.1mm
STQ-2000 2″ 50.8mm 2.16″ 54.8mm
STQ-2500 2.5″ 63.5mm 2.66″ 67.5mm
STQ-3000 3″ 76.2mm 3.19″ 81.2mm
STQ-3500 3.5″ 89mm 3.70″ 94mm
STQ-4000 4″ 102mm 4.21″ 107mm
STQ-4500 4.5″ 114mm 4.70″ 119mm
STQ-5000 5″ 127mm 5.20″ 132mm
STQ-5500 5.5″ 140mm 5.75″ 146mm
STQ-6000 6″ 152mm 6.22″ 158mm
STQ-6500 6.5″ 165mm 6.73″ 171mm
STQ-7000 7″ 178mm 7.32″ 186mm
STQ-7500 7.5″ 191mm 7.83″ 199mm
STQ-8000 8″ 203mm 8.31″ 211mm
STQ-8500 8.5″ 216mm 8.82″ 224mm
STQ-9000 9″ 229mm 9.33″ 237mm
STQ-9500 9.5″ 241mm 9.80″ 249mm
STT-10000 10″ 254mm 10.31″ 262mm

BBB Accredited Business Made in USA: American Product

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