Types of Industrial Furnaces for Heat Treatment Applications

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Sentro Tech is a leading manufacturer of industrial furnaces and high temperature processing technology for various types of heat treatment methods and applications. From small laboratory furnaces to large scale production kilns, we offer a complete assortment of standard and custom furnaces that are designed to meet the exact specifications of end users in a variety of industries. Every aspect of our high temperature ovens and equipment can be customized for your needs.

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Long-lasting high-temperature processing furnaces

High Temperature Processing Furnaces

Ideal for a variety of applications – from university labs and research labs – to production applications, high temperature furnaces combine excellent temperature control with reliable temperature uniformity. At Sentro Tech, our furnaces include an automatic shutdown feature if the furnace exceeds maximum temperatures, so safety will never be an issue. Combine this with long lasting performance, and you will soon begin to understand the value gained by going with a Sentro Tech high temperature oven or furnace for your next project.

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Examining the heat treatment process and associated material applications

Heat Treatment Process & Applications

The heat treatment process involves intentionally changing a material’s physical, and sometimes chemical, properties through the application of heat. Heat treatment furnaces come in a variety of shapes, sizes and provisions to match the specific application. Heat treatment applications include annealing, curing, ashing, tempering and quenching. Two of the most common materials undergoing heat treatment are metal and glass.

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Exploring the process of annealing

Annealing Process & Applications

The process of annealing is important for making resilient glass and metals. For both materials, annealing helps to purify and improve workability. It is one of the most popular types of heat treatment methods. Heat treating is used to change the properties of glass and metal materials. SentroTech’s annealing furnaces are suitable for heat treatments such as annealing because they offer high temperatures with accurate temperature control.

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Examining the sintering process and related high-temperature applications

Sintering Process & Applications

The sintering process involves compacting material to form a solid mass by heat and/or pressure. Naturally occurring in mineral deposits, this process can be recreated in manufacturing and laboratory environments with the help of high temperature ovens. For sintering processes, many believe bottom loading furnaces are most appropriate given their even heat distribution throughout the muffle.

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Exploring trusted high-temperature drying oven processes for lab settings

High-Temperature Drying Process & Applications

High temperature drying ovens for laboratory settings are relied upon for a variety of heat treatment applications from simple glassware drying to sophisticated, precise heating for experiments. For this reason, drying ovens should be as versatile and efficient as they are easy to use. Our high temperature dry ovens range in maximum temperature from 300°C to 500°C and offer excellent temperature uniformity and durability.

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Analyzing the calcination process and associated high-temperature applications

Calcination Process & Applications

Calcination is a heat treatment process in a controlled air or oxygen environment to bring about a thermal decomposition, phase transition or removal of a volatile fraction. Calcination takes place inside a steel cylinder called a calciner. The calciner rotates inside a heated furnace and performs indirect high-temperature processing. Moreover, rotary tube furnaces are ideal for calcination applications.

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Examining high-temperature processes and furnaces for research & development labs

High-Temperature Processing for Research & Development Lab Applications

From dental labs to university research departments, high temperature processing technology is employed for a variety of heat treatment applications. For most labs, box furnaces are the preferred option for their reliable, efficient nature. These versatile ovens can be used for applications ranging from the zirconia binder burnout, firing and sintering performed in dental labs to thermal testing conducted in quality control labs.

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Exploring different applications for high-temperature dental furnaces & ceramic ovens

High-Temperature Dental Furnaces and Ceramic Oven Applications

Sentro Tech industrial dental furnaces come in a variety of configurations and temperature ranges, including custom-built options designed to match your specific requirements and heat treatment needs. Our dental furnaces are designed for use in laboratories and office environments.

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