High Temperature Laboratory Furnaces

A high-temperature furnace, also called an industrial furnace, is a type of laboratory furnace that reaches higher temperatures than a typical furnace. Ideal for many uses, high-temp furnaces contain radiant heating elements within a heat chamber to produce excellent temperature control with reliable temperature uniformity.

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High-Temperature Furnaces

Applications for High-Temperature Furnaces

Some uses for high-temp furnaces include dental labs, university labs, research labs and various production applications that require high-temperature heat treatments to remove binder, metal and ceramic sintering, parts curing and melting through:

With the extreme heat produced by high-temperature furnaces, safe operations are as important as the efficiency of our furnaces. Regardless of the application your high-temperature furnace serves, you can find what you need with us.

High-Temp Furnace Temperature Ranges

Our high-temperature furnaces are available in several temperature ranges and can be customized to meet your exact specifications.



ST-1600C model 1600° 2912°
ST-1700C model 1700° 3092°
ST-1800C model 1800° 3272°

Browse Sentro Tech box furnaces, vacuum furnaces and tube furnaces that feature high-temperature functions:

High Temperature Furnace Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Because we offer such a wide variety of high-temperature furnaces, we can serve the needs of many different industries. Industries that commonly use high-temp furnaces include:

Questions About High-Temp Industrial Furnaces?

Not sure which high-temperature industrial furnace you need? Contact a Sentro Tech representative today to learn more about our high-temperature furnaces.

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