High Temperature Furnaces

Tube FurnaceHigh temperature furnaces are ideal for many uses. Some of the uses include dental labs, university labs, research labs, and various production applications. High temperature furnaces combine excellent temperature control with reliable temperature uniformity. With the extreme heat produced by high temperature furnaces, safe operations are as important as the efficiency of our furnaces.

Because we make a wide variety of high temperature furnaces, we can serve the needs of many different industries. Regardless of what application your high temperature furnace is serving, you can find what you need with us.

Our high temperature furnace can be found in temperature ranges of 1600°C, 1700°C, and 1800°C. The lines featuring high temperature functions include:

High temperature box furnaces

High temperature vacuum furnaces

High temperature tube furnaces

Our high temperature furnaces are used in the dental industry, heat treatment industry, quality control laboratories, powder metallurgy applications, and more.


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