Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Sentro Tech offers ceramic insulation with its ceramic fiber boards and ceramic fiber blankets for your specific insulation needs. Ceramic fiber insulation is most commonly used in high temperature insulation applications such as furnaces, boilers, piping and chemical and nuclear insulation protection.

Ceramic Fiber Board

Our ceramic fiber board is made to withstand a variety of high temperature grades. This ceramic fiber insulation features low heat storage, and excellent anti-corrosion and thermal anti-shock properties. The consistent density of our ceramic board high temperature insulation provides great insulation and protection in a lightweight yet strong durable product.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Our ceramic fiber blanket is a flexible lightweight and strong ceramic insulation product spun from ceramic fibers that provide thermally efficient and effective insulation to withstand high temperatures. This ceramic fiber insulation is optimal for use with boilers, furnaces, piping, and chemical and nuclear applications.

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