Laboratory Muffle Furnaces

Custom High-Temperature Muffle Furnaces for Laboratory and Small-Scale Environments

Sentro Tech is the leading manufacturer of custom high-temperature muffle
We carry a wide selection of laboratory muffle furnaces that provide
excellent temperature control, uniformity, and energy efficiency. Our team can customize the
furnace dimensions and temperature range of any model to meet the exact specifications of your
application. Reduce the costs of laboratory and production environments with a custom box
furnace from Sentro Tech!

Explore our wide range of high-temperature muffle furnaces below. If you require a specialized
model then contact our team today!

Muffle Furnace Specifications

  • 1200°C to 1800°C Maximum Operating Temperatures
  • Chamber Dimensions up to 36” x 36” x 36”
  • 30 Segment PID Temperature Controller
  • Quick Heat-Up and Cool-Down
  • Excellent Temperature Accuracy and Uniformity
  • Energy-Efficient Ceramic Fiber Insulation
  • Double-Shell Design to Ensure Low Outside Temperature
  • Automatic Shut-Off Safety Feature
  • One Year Limited Warranty on Electronic Parts
Muffle Furnaces

1200°C muffle furnaces

1200°C Muffle Box Furnaces

The 1200°C (2190°F) laboratory muffle furnace provides one of the best cost-to-value
ratios for laboratory and small-scale production applications.
Get an unbeatable
price for these specifications with a Sentro Tech muffle furnace.

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1500°C muffle furnaces

1500°C Muffle Box Furnaces

The 1500°C (2730°F) laboratory muffle furnace features the same specifications and
optional features of our standard box furnace but with a higher operating
If you need something a little hotter, Sentro Tech lab furnaces offer
the best cost-to-value ratio in the industry.

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Bottom-loading muffle furnaces

Bottom-Loading Muffle Box Furnaces

Consider a bottom-loading laboratory muffle furnace from Sentro Tech when working in
tight spaces.
These lab furnaces give you more room to work in laboratory and
small-scale environments. Customize a bottom-loading furnace by deciding the operating
temperature and chamber dimensions to meet your needs.


1600°C muffle furnaces

1600°C Muffle Box Furnaces

Sentro Tech’s 1600°C (2910°F) laboratory muffle furnace is ideal for dental, laboratory,
university, and production scale applications.
A double shell design ensures low
outside furnace temperature, while regularly operating at high temperatures.

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1700°C muffle furnaces

1700°C Muffle Box Furnaces

Use the 1700°C (3090°F) laboratory muffle furnace for applications requiring extreme heat
and prolonged temperatures.
The double shell design keeps the outside surface
temperature low. A 30-segment, easy-to-use programmable temperature controller provides precise
temperature control.

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1800°C muffle furnaces

1800°C Muffle Box Furnaces

Our highest temperature box furnace, Sentro Tech’s 1800°C (3270°F) laboratory muffle
furnace, comes with a Eurotherm Temperate controller to generate extreme heat and/or
prolonged temperatures.
Get the temperature range, consistency, and control you
need for laboratory and small-scale production applications.

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Get High-Grade Muffle Furnaces from Sentro Tech

Designed to meet the exacting demands of scientific research, materials testing, and industrial
processes, our muffle furnaces deliver precision, reliability, and superior temperature control.
Whether you require annealing, ashing, calcining, or heat treatment, Sentro Tech’s
laboratory muffle furnaces provide the ideal environment for your applications.
With a
wide range of chamber sizes, temperature ranges, and programmable features, you can find the perfect
furnace to suit your laboratory’s unique needs. Contact us about our muffle box furnaces and Invest
in the future of your research and quality control endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Muffle Furnaces

What are muffle furnaces, and what are their laboratory applications?

A muffle furnace is a laboratory heating device designed for high-temperature applications such as
annealing, ashing, calcining, and heat treatment. It provides a controlled environment with precise
temperature control, making it essential for various scientific and industrial processes.

How does a laboratory muffle furnace work?

A laboratory muffle furnace encloses the sample or material within a refractory chamber, called the
muffle. It then heats the chamber to the desired temperature using electric heating elements. The muffle
ensures uniform heating while protecting the sample from direct contact with the heating elements.

What are the key features when choosing a laboratory muffle furnace?

When selecting a laboratory muffle furnace, consider factors such as temperature range, heating rate,
chamber size, temperature control accuracy, safety features, and programmability. These features ensure
that the furnace meets your specific laboratory needs.

What safety features should I look for in a laboratory muffle furnace?

Safety is paramount in laboratory settings. Look for over-temperature protection, thermal insulation,
safety interlocks, and digital displays for clear and accurate temperature monitoring. These features
help ensure the safe operation of the furnace.

What is the muffle furnace temperature range of Sentro Tech’s laboratory and high temperature furnaces?

Sentro Tech muffle box furnaces are available in various temperature ranges, with some models capable of
reaching temperatures exceeding 1700°C (3092°F). Your specific temperature range will depend on your
laboratory’s applications and requirements.

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