Custom Furnaces & Production Lab Equipment

Many of our customers come to us for custom low & high temperature furnaces, including box furnaces, vacuum furnaces, tube furnaces, and other lab and production ovens that are built to their specifications. All of our standard and custom furnace models are proudly assembled in the U.S.A.

Here are some examples of our custom work:

Custom Dry Ovens & Tube Furnaces

custom dry oven

600┬░C High temperature dry oven with 310 stainless steel line and air circulation fan on top to ensure temperature uniformity.

custom double door dry oven

Sentro Tech can customize dry ovens with dual door designs. This double door design allows easy loading of products.

custom dry oven

Custom Dry Oven.

vacuum atmosphere controlled rotary tube furnace

Sentro Tech production scale vacuum/atmosphere controlled rotary tube furnace.

custom tube furnace vacuum pump

Sentro Tech tube furnace with vacuum pump and tube hanger system

custom tilting rotary tube furnace

Sentro Tech can customize rotary tube furnace with a powder feeding hopper and back powder catch hopper for continuous powder processing. This furnace also equalizes with a tilting device and rotation speed adjustment. Customers can specify process tube diameter, heating zone length and number of heating zones.

Custom Furnace Engineering & Assembly




Custom Low & High Temperature Furnaces

1200C box furnace

1200C box furnace with vertical door design

Sentro Tech can customize a door from left to right swing or move door upward to save space.