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A custom high-temperature lab furnace from Sentro TechHow Do Laboratory Furnaces Work?

Laboratory furnaces use radiant heat transfer to heat an item placed inside the furnace chamber. They generally provide uniform temperatures throughout and can be used for many functions, such as binder burnout, sintering, melting.

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Lab Furnace Production Applications

Lab Furnace Production Applications Many scientific and product laboratories use high-temperature furnaces. The types of labs using laboratory furnaces range from research and development labs to dental labs, university labs and quality control labs.

Each of these laboratories need high-temperature furnaces for different reasons. For example, research and development laboratories use muffle furnaces to develop new products, while dental labs use small industrial furnaces to perform zirconia binder burnout, firing and sintering.

Research and development labs use laboratory furnaces for thermal testing to find imperfections in materials by applying high temperatures. University and independent research laboratories use lab furnaces to perform a variety of applications, such as:

Lab furnaces provide a versatile and highly effective solution for high-temperature treatments. They serve as an invaluable part of everyday work in laboratories because they are reliable, safe and simple to use.

Laboratory Furnace Features

Our team of laboratory furnace manufacturers creates custom muffle furnaces and chamber furnaces with your needs in mind. We consider a broad range of features, such as size, temperature, air intake and exhaust. Sentro Tech high-temperature furnaces are designed for ease-of-use, safety and efficiency regardless of your application or production.

Industries We Serve

Many industries use muffle furnaces to cure or dry samples through high-temperature heat treatments. The following industries commonly use small industrial furnaces, vacuum furnaces, and chamber furnaces:

Our Laboratory Furnace Models

Sentro Tech is a leading laboratory furnace manufacturer. Our laboratory and chamber furnaces deliver accurate temperature control, uniformity and lasting performance. Browse our lab furnaces:

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