High-Temperature Laboratory Furnaces

Choosing an Industrial Furnace for Your Application

A high-temperature furnace creates a controlled environment to reach higher temperatures, typically between 1400°C up to 1800°C. Laboratories and industrial productions use these types of furnaces or ovens for manufacturing or testing.

Several different types of high-temperature furnaces exist:

Process applications for a high-temperature furnace include:

The type of high-temperature furnace depends on your application or production needs. Use the following list to evaluate furnace products that meet your specific needs.

High-Temperature Furnaces for Specific Applications

Choose the right type of high-temperature furnace based on the needs of your application or production. Standard lab or industrial furnaces exist for common manufacturing or product development processes.

Find out what type of laboratory furnace fits your application by identifying the following requirements:

  1. What is the maximum temperature you need for your production?
  2. What are the dimensions of your product or part?
  3. What high-temperature processes do you need to perform?
  4. What is your laboratory equipment budget?
  5. What industry do you work in?

Custom Industrial Furnaces for Unique Productions

For unique applications or productions, consider a custom-built high-temperature lab furnace. A custom high-temperature furnace solution is designed and built to meet exact specifications or requirements. Custom equipment ensures that you the right type of equipment for your product development or testing process.

Sentro Tech High-Temperature Furnaces and Ovens

A family-owned company based in Northeast Ohio, Sento Tech manufactures high-temperature industrial and lab furnaces for a variety of industries and applications. Sentro Tech started as a designer and manufacturer of Molybdenum Silicide heating elements and related heating panels. In 2004, the company started manufacturing custom laboratory and production furnaces to meet specific application and production needs.


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