ST-1500°C (2730°F) High-Temperature Laboratory Tube Furnace

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Laboratory Tube Furnace for Production Applications

Use Sentro Tech’s 1500°C tube furnace for inert gas and vacuum applications that need a max. temperature of 1500°C. This industrial lab furnace comes in several standard sizes. is completely Or customize the ST-1500C to fit your application’s needs, from specific heating zone lengths to various tube sizes.

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Tube Furnace

ST-1500°C Tube Furnace Features & Size Options

  • 208/220V single Phase
  • 30-segment easy use PID programmable temperature controller
  • Long-life metallic heating elements
  • High efficiency ceramic fiber insulation
  • Heat isolating ceramic tube
  • Long life K or S-type thermocouple
  • High temperature sealing rubber sheet
  • Stainless steel sealing plate
  • Worm gear clamp
  • Set of fasteners
  • Vacuum and process gas connection nozzle
  • One-year limited warranty on all electronic parts
  • Standard High Alumina Tube Size: 1.5″, 2.0″, 2.5″, 3.0″ and 3.5″
  • Standard SiC Tube Sizes: 1.5″, 2.0″, 2.5″, 3.0″, 3.5″, 4.0″ , 6.0″ and 8.0″
  • Standard Heating Zone Lengths: 6″, 12″, 18″, 24″, and 36″
  • Custom heating zone length up to 48″ are available, as well as multi-zone furnaces with independent controller systems.

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