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Customize High-Temperature Furnaces for Heat Treatment

Heat treatment changes materials by heat application and exposure. Industry leaders use Sentro Tech high-temperature furnaces and ovens to perform and control heat treatment.

Glass and metal are the two most popular materials for heat treatment. To effectively heat-treat these materials, industry leaders use a high-temperature oven or furnace. Since glass and metal require different heat treatments, the high-temperature furnace needs to be versatile and reliable.

And if your application has specific requirements, Sentro Tech offers specialized custom furnaces with customizable sizes, temperature ranges, process capabilities, and more.

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High-Temp Ovens for Heat Treatment Applications

Heat treatment intentionally alters properties by applying a heating and cooling process. Both the heating and cooling phases use extreme temperatures.

Pick a Sentro Tech model or custom build a high-temperature furnace to perform an array of heat treatment processes. Use an industrial high-temperature furnace to apply the following treatments:

  • Quenching
  • Case hardening
  • Precipitation strengthening
  • Tempering
  • Annealing

Sentro Tech Heat Treatment Furnace Features

High-temperature furnaces need quality, temperature accuracy and reliable timers to perform heat treatments. Sentro Tech’s high-temperature box furnaces reach the temperatures necessary to change material properties while maintaining accuracy. Plus, a Sentro Tech heat treatment furnace provides safe operations and lasting, reliable performance.

Perform the highest quality heat treatments with the temperature uniformity of Sentro Tech’s 1200°C box furnace. Never worry about using the wrong temperature for your application as all Sentro Tech muffle furnaces use the latest temperature control technology.


Choose to use a Sentro Tech industry-leading high-temperature furnace for your heat treatment applications. Contact a Sentro Tech representative to learn more about our industrial heat treatment furnaces.

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