STHV-1400°C (2552°F) High Temp Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Vacuum furnace with vertical and horizontal doors perfect for 3D printing, labs, and manufacturing production

Sentro Tech’s high-vacuum furnace features vertical and horizontal door opening for 3D metal printing applications. This high-vacuum sintering furnace uses molybdenum plates shielding, or retort design and molybdenum heating element.

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Sentro Tech's STHV-1400°C Sintering Vacuum Furnace Features

  • 1400°C Max Vacuum (Torr) 10-5 Torr Vacuum
  • Controller: Eurotherm Nanodac 100 program x 20 segments per program, USB and EtherNet plugs, data recording and computer communication. Temperature and vacuum data are recorded in Eurotherm Nanodac
  • Instrutech high vacuum gauge WASP WGM 701, measurement from 760 torr to 7.6 x 10-10 torr
  • Osaka Turbo Molecular Pump System, 10-9 torr ultimate pressure
  • Edwards NXDS10i oil-free scroll pump with 0.005 Torr ultimate base pressure
  • Two type S thermocouples: one for control and one for over temperature high alarm

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