STHV-1400°C (2552°F) High-Temp Vacuum Sintering Furnace

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Vacuum Furnace with Vertical and Horizontal Doors Perfect for 3D Printing, Labs, and Manufacturing Production

Sentro Tech’s high-temperature vacuum sintering furnace features vertical and horizontal door opening for 3D metal printing applications. This sintering furnace uses molybdenum plates shielding, or retort design and molybdenum heating element.

Sintering Furnace
Sintering Furnace
Sintering Furnace

STHV-1400°C Sintering Vacuum Furnace Features

  • 1400°C Max Vacuum (Torr) 10-5 Torr Vacuum
  • Controller: Eurotherm Nanodac 100 program x 20 segments per program, USB and EtherNet plugs, data recording and computer communication. Temperature and vacuum data are recorded in Eurotherm Nanodac
  • Instrutech high vacuum gauge WASP WGM 701, measurement from 760 torr to 7.6 x 10-10 torr
  • Osaka Turbo Molecular Pump System, 10-9 torr ultimate pressure
  • Edwards NXDS10i oil-free scroll pump with 0.005 Torr ultimate base pressure
  • Two type S thermocouples: one for control and one for over temperature high alarm

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