1600 Degree Celsius Heat Treatment Oxygen Furnace (2910°F)

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Equipped for up to 100% Oxygen Atmosphere Applications

Sentro Tech’s 1600°C all-in-one high temperature oxygen furnace brings more control and efficiency to applications. During a single firing cycle, you can alter atmospheric conditions with these high temperature furnaces. Built with two thermocouples, one control thermocouple and one over temperature thermocouple, the STVO-1600°C oxygen furnace delivers precise temperature readings. Additionally, these oxygen furnaces are designed with several features to ensure safety, such as the pressure sensor to measure and control the inside chamber pressure level. The Eurotherm over temperature controller will turn off the furnace when the temperature exceeds the preset temperature. The door is interlocked to stop heat when the door is open, and the door locks to prevent access to the chamber when the furnace is above a specified degree. As a high temperature oxygen furnace, the cooling process is all air cooled (without a cooling water requirement) for an easy and reliable operation.

Oxygen Furnace
Oxygen Furnace
Oxygen Furnace

STVO-1600°C Oxygen Furnace Features

  • Max continuous operating temperature under oxygen atmosphere: 1600°C in vacuum
  • Standard heating chamber dimensions ranging from 10” ID x 10”H x12”(D) to 24″W x 24″Hx24”(D), with custom furnace sizes available upon request
  • Internal working space is at least 80% of interior volume
  • Door capable of opening at least 135 degrees to allow clear access for a stacker
  • Door mechanism to maintain in open position for loading and unloading
  • High purity 1800°C grade MoSi2, heating element size is 9/18
  • Heating rate: 1-10°C/min
  • Max vessel pressure: 10PSI
  • Controller: Eurotherm Nanodac 100 program x 20 segments per program, USB and EtherNet plugs, data recording and computer communication
  • Advanced energy power SCR system
  • Oxygen mass flow controller to control single line of gas flow from 0-50 liter per minute. Also includes controller system to control the gas flow rate
  • Welch DuoSeal vacuum pump for oxygen application
  • UL/CSA Certified parts in control system
  • One-year limited warranty on electronic parts

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Browse STVO-1600°C (2910°F) Oxygen Atmosphere Furnace Models

MODEL Chamber H x W x D Outside Dimensions Temperature (c) Power (KW) Amps Volts
STVO-1600-101012 10″ x 10″ x 12″ 49″ x 37″ x 66″ 1600°C 10 50A 208V/240V
STVO-1600-121216 12” x 12” x 16” 62″ x 49″ x 74″ 1600°C 15 90A 208V/240V
STVO-1600-181818 18” x 18” x 18” 62″ x 39″ x 74″ 1600°C 30 90A 208V/240V
STVO-1600-242424 24” x 24” x 24” 84″ x 63″ x 95″ 1600°C 50 150A 208V/240V 3-Phase

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