Dry Ovens

Heating and drying ovens engineered for maximum efficiency, safety and simplicity

Dry Ovens

Sentro Tech offers a dry oven selection that includes conventional dry ovens with max temperature up to 300°C and high temperature dry ovens with a max temperature of up to 500°C. These dry ovens offer the best Value/Cost ratio for your investment in oven industry. These furnaces are designed for accurate temperature control, excellent energy efficiency, excellent temperature uniformity, long lasting performance, and safe operations. A drying oven is ideal for laboratories and production applications.

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Sentro Tech Dry oven offer the following features:

  • Max working temperature for convectional dry oven: 300°C
  • Max temperature for high temperature oven: 500°C
  • Temperature controller: PID programmable temperature controller
  • Thermocouple break protection: shut down power to heating element to prevent thermocouple failure runaway
  • Forced air circulation to ensure excellent temperature uniformity
  • Stainless steel internal design to ensure clean operation
  • Unique U shape heating element for long service life and easy change
  • Safety feature includes a safety interlock system to shut off power when oven door opens.

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At Sentro Tech, we understand you have specific requirements that must be met in order for our equipment to meet your exacting needs. To meet those needs, our dry ovens can come equipped with any number of optional features, including:

  • Nature draft of exhaust port with damper opening control for accurate control exhaust from furnace
  • Forced exhaust with damper opening control to accurate control exhaust from furnace
  • Solenoid controlled damper opening and closing when reach preset temperature
  • Gas tight atmosphere control by injection inert gas
  • Eurotherm 4, 16 and 50 programs PID temperature controller
  • Data logger to record temperature of process
  • Over temperature controller to shut down power to heating elements when oven temperature is higher than preset
  • Custom design stainless steel rack system
  • Safety lamp indicator when control console temperature exceeds preset temperature

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