What Is a Drying Oven?

Industrial Heat-Dry Ovens for Manufacturing and Laboratories

A drying oven is a heated chamber used to remove water, moisture, and other solvents from objects. These ovens typically have a fan or turbine which sparks the convection process that heats and dries the materials inside. Drying ovens are used across many different industries and laboratories and can come in various sizes with multiple temperature capabilities to meet specific production needs.

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Drying Oven

What Is a Drying Oven Used for?

Drying ovens are used for a number of reasons in laboratories, businesses, and homes. They can perform simple tasks such as drying and sterilizing lab equipment like glassware. However, industrial drying ovens can also be used for more challenging tasks that require controlled heating, such as bonding. They are also ideal for preserving flowers and dehydrating foods to increase their in-store shelf life.

Types of Industrial Drying Ovens

Drying ovens vary in technologies, heating mechanisms, and volume capacities—depending on the industry in which they are used. There are many types of heat-dry ovens, and they are some of the most common equipment found in the manufacturing industry.

Convection Drying Oven

Convection drying ovens use high temperatures to carefully increase the rate at which products dehydrate. They are commonly used for pre-heating, baking, aging, sterilization, and thermal storage.

Conveyor Drying Furnace

Conveyor dryers support manufacturers who must continuously produce small- or medium-sized products. They are often found in factories that use automated mass production, such as screen-printing T-shirts.

Flotation and Roll Support Web Dryer

These dry-heat ovens have a stable airflow, exacting temperature control, and are typically energy efficient. Flotation and roll support web dryers are used for packaging and fabric and textile manufacturing.

Rotary Drying Oven

The metal manufacturing industry uses rotary drying ovens to dry materials quickly and eliminate opportunity for oxidation. Rotary drying oven designs are often an energy-efficient type of drying furnace.

Vacuum Drying Oven

Industries such as research and engineering require a low-pressure environment for drying. Vacuum drying ovens not only provide this exact environment but also reduce instances of oxidation.

Vertical Tower Dryer

Factories with limited space benefit from vertical tower dryers. A compact industrial drying furnace saves space and helps reduce costs over time because its smaller footprint reduces the need to outsource.

Industries and Applications That Use a Dry-Heat Oven

Industries and Applications That Use a Dry-Heat Oven

Small-batch and large-scale productions use industrial drying ovens to dry objects through evaporation. Manufacturers across a wide range of industries, including food processing, pharmacology, agriculture, textiles and research, may use a drying oven for many reasons, including:

  • Solar cell manufacturing
  • Screen printing
  • Dried flower arrangements
  • Rolls or sheets of material such as paper, foil or film
  • Fabric or textiles
  • Food products

Sentro Tech Muffle Drying Furnace

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