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Sentro Tech Expansion to a New Premise

sentro techMay 14, 2012 — Every media outlet is crammed full with stories on how the recession continues to hit businesses. Countless companies are going out of businesses everyday and even major corporations are downsizing. It seems good economic news is hard to find. One bright light on the horizon is Ohio based company Sentro Tech who, due to great success in their market, is expanding to new premises.

Sentro Tech an industrial furnaces and ceramics manufacturer, offers complete high-temperature processing technologies including high-temperature box and tube furnaces from small laboratory furnaces to large production scale kilns.

Sentro Tech has been manufacturing various heating elements in Cleveland, Ohio, since 1998, offering quick delivery and fast service for U.S. and international customers. With its vast manufacturing experience in high-temperature heating and process technology, Sentro Tech also offers advanced heating element and kiln design.

As the leader in the heating elements and devices, Sentro Tech’s expansion allows the company to better serve clients and expand its service footprint throughout Ohio. According to a Sentro Tech spokesperson.

“The new location will enable us to continue to offer the high quality products we are synonymous with, while reaching a larger customer base. The success of the business has meant we had to move to keep up with the demand for our services”.

Sentro Tech, success has come from its industrial furnaces and ceramics manufacturing, providing a complete line of heating products from low-cost, high-temperature products, elements, as well as technical data.

Even in a highly complicated market like this, Sentro Tech is able to provide quick delivery, with express orders available in as little as three days. Another cornerstone of their business is the pricing model; Sentro Tech offers the lowest prices on the market.

The website itself showcases a range of products. Sentro Tech Corp. offers a complete line of wear, abrasion and corrosion resistance material and parts, which include alumina, silicon carbide, zirconia and near- zero expansion silica materials.”

Sentro Tech also offers instant online quotes of all products, and customers can also receive information in the store.