1200°C (2190°F) Rotary Tube Furnace

High Temperature Rotary Tube Furnaces

rotary furnaceSentro Tech’s 1200°C High Temperature Rotary Furnaces provide excellent Temperature Uniformity and Energy Efficiency. This high performance and long lasting Rotary Furnace is ideal for lab and small scale production application. It offers the best Value/Cost ratio for your investment. These furnaces are designed for Accurate Temperature, Rotation Speed, excellent Temperature Uniformity, Long Lasting Performance, and Safe Operation. Rotation can be turned on or off as needed.

As an available option we can also add either a manual, or automated tilting device depending on your needs.

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1200°C Rotary Furnace Tube Diameter is available from 2″ to 10″. Heating Zone Length is available from 12″ to 48″. Available Process Tube materials include Quartz, Alumina, Stainless Steel & Silicon Carbide.

High Temperature Rotary Furnace Product Models

Ensuring Consistent Uniform Heat Treatment with Rotary Tube Furnaces

When performing heat treatments, many of today’s processing powders and granular materials require a type of performance that can only be achieved by ensuring ultra-high purity. To allow for this consistency and purity, the rotary furnace leverages a rotating tube, as its heats and agitates the material.

This rotating motion, which allows the material inside the tube to flow freely and consistently, is precisely what gives the rotary furnace its advantage when compared to traditional static or batch processing furnaces. The continued and constant rotation of the furnace ensures the level of consistent and uniform heat treatment needed for even the most exacting processes. Additionally, with varied and adjustable rotation speeds and slope angels, the furnace allows the operator to maintain a consistent, continuous, controlled and adjustable feed rate. Ultimately, this flexibility allows for precisely regulated temperature firings, ensuring consistency across all stages of product treatment.

In addition to the line of 1200°C Rotary Furnaces listed above, Sentro Tech can engineer a customized solution built to meet your process’s unique specifications. Contact us today to learn more about our rotary tube furnaces solutions.