University Laboratories

University laboratories are responsible for some of the top scientific innovations. Spanning a wide range of fields and industries, laboratories conduct experiments in the areas of physics, metallurgy, chemistry, biology, psychology, engineering, and more. For many of these fields, high temperature heat treatments are necessary for experiments, research, and providing accurate measurements.

For example, high temperature furnaces are often used to test the effect of heating and cooling cycles on different materials. To match the variety of applications in university laboratories, SentroTech offers a variety of laboratory furnaces. Each of our furnaces provides temperature uniformity, safe operations, and reliable, long lasting performance.

Products Available for University Laboratories Include:

1200°C Low Cost Box Furnace
1600°C High Temperature Box Furnace
1700°C High Temperature Box Furnace
Vacuum Furnace
Custom Furnaces

Because laboratory furnace safety is essential in university labs, we ensure all of our furnaces have special safety features that ensure user comfort. All box furnaces feature easy-to-use temperature controllers, making these furnaces accessible for students and professors alike. Our vacuum furnaces provide vacuum, controlled atmosphere, and air furnace capabilities all in one. Finally, for unique laboratory furnace designs we also offer custom furnace services.

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