Furnaces for Powder Metallurgy

Powder Metallurgy

Powder metallurgy furnaces create solids by heating powder blends to just below their melting points. This process is more cost efficient than mining for the metals. Though it is not new, in recent years powder metallurgy has become known as the most efficient way to produce equipment. In fact, many consider it an environmentally friendly method of production. There are many different kinds of powder metallurgy, but the most common method is sintering and pressing.

The sintering process requires heat application from high temperature furnaces. Because the powders are heated to just below their melting point, temperature accuracy and control are necessities for this process. Long lasting temperature uniformity is equally important. Sentro Tech’s box furnaces are designed with all of these temperature needs in mind. Plus, our vacuum furnaces allow multi-atmosphere processes in one cycle for added efficiency.

What is Sintering in Powder Metallurgy?

After the combination of metal powders is pressed together, the bi-product is a soft and brittle part. These parts are then transferred to the sintering furnace or better known as a metallurgy furnace. During the sintering process, parts are heating in the metallurgy furnace to just below the metals’ melting point, but at a high enough temperature to “metallurgically” link the single particles. This sintering process unifies the part and enhances the durability of the final product.

Products Available for Powder Metallurgy:

1200°C Box furnace 1600°C Box furnace
1300°C Vacuum and atmosphere controlled furnace
1600°C Vacuum and atmosphere controlled furnace

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