Dental Laboratories

dental laboratory furnaceDental lab furnaces are useful for firing, sintering, and zirconia binder burnout processes. Primarily, furnaces are necessary for dentures and other porcelain contents that require pressure and heat. While porcelain and pressing furnaces are common in dental laboratories, sintering furnaces are prevalent and dependable as well.

Sintering furnaces are used more commonly in translucent zirconia milling dental laboratories. The Sentro Tech high temperature dental ceramic furnace is designed specifically for such applications. It features a programmable temperature controller, top-quality ceramic fiber board, and high purity 6mm/12mm MoSi2 heating elements.

When you’re shopping for a dental furnace, make sure you select one able to process the materials you’ll be using in your dental office. Another commonly overlooked point when purchasing a dental furnace is to make sure that the dental furnace you plan on buying is easy to clean. A maintained and adequately clean dental furnace will keep your operation running for years.

How Hot Does a Dental Furnace Get?

The SentroTech dental furnaces are of the most advanced on the market and can reach temperatures up to 1600┬░C. It’s crucial that the temperature balance must maintain constant throughout the entire cycle duration. Otherwise, you’ll experience inconsistencies such as cracks, weak bonds, and brittle material in your work.

Products Available for Dental Laboratories:

Dental furnace
Heating element

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