Glass Furnaces & Glass Melting Equipment

Find the High Temp Solution to Match Your Exacting Glass Melting, Fritting and Annealing Application Needs

From glass melting to annealing applications, glass manufacturing is a highly regulated process, reliant on precise temperature control and rapid heating. At Sentro Tech, we proudly offer a wide range of high temperature furnaces and annealing ovens, each designed to deliver on our brand promise of total consistency and complete temperature uniformity. Add in the advantages of diverse temperature ranges and flexible configurations, and there is little doubt as to why our furnaces are quickly becoming the go-to solution for any number of melting, fritting and annealing applications.

Featuring a max working temperature of up to 1800°C, Sentro Tech’s high temperature furnaces and annealing ovens allow for the very precise firing of glass. With their double-shell design, fiber board lining, and programmable temperature controllers, every furnace in our catalog is built to offer the advantage of fast heat up, uniform energy efficiency, and total temperature control.

Browse Our Lineup of High Temperature Glass Furnaces and Annealing Ovens

Every SentroTech glass furnace is engineered to deliver significant value, long life, and the results you require. Our high-temperature glass furnaces can process powder and granular materials using our specially designed technology. Thanks to decades of manufacturing experience, our glass annealing ovens are built to deliver superior energy efficiency and temperature uniformity throughout each cycle. In addition to a full catalog of high temperature furnaces, annealing ovens and heating elements, Sentro Tech will custom build a solution to match your exacting glass manufacturing needs.

Our catalog of high temp furnaces includes:

High Temperature Furnaces: With proven long lasting performance, our high temperature furnaces are offered in temperature ranges of 1600°C, 1700°C, and 1800°C.

Annealing Ovens: Perfect for annealing and other associated heat treatments, Sentro Tech’s annealing ovens offers a max working temperatures ranging from 1200°C to 1800°C.

Laboratory Ovens and Box Furnaces: Built to deliver uniformity and flexibility across the entire glass manufacturing process, Sentro Tech box furnaces come in a variety of configurations and temperature ranges.

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