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The process of annealing is important for making resilient glass and metals. For both materials, annealing helps to purify and improve workability. It is one of the most popular types of heat treatments. Heat treating is used to change the properties of glass and metal materials. SentroTech’s annealing ovens are appropriate for heat treatments such as annealing because they offer high temperatures with accurate temperature control.

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What is the Annealing Process?

Annealing glass greatly strengthens it. First, the glass is heated to a temperature that relieves its internal stresses without causing deformation. To maintain strength it is cooled slowly, which requires an annealing furnace with optimal temperature accuracy and control. Afterwards, the glass is safe to be cut, polished, and drilled.

The annealing process for metal is also called metallurgy annealing. Unlike glass annealing, which provides strength, this process ensures the ductility of a metal. Ductility is similar to flexibility. This state is helpful in metals as it ensures that they can be manipulated without forming fractures.

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