• What Is Fritted Glass?
    What Is Fritted Glass

    What Is Frit Glass?

    Frit glass, or fritted glass, is a kind of architectural glass that is porous enough for gas or liquid to pass through. Fritted glass is produced by sintering glass and ceramic particles into a solid, porous body. Porous glass (or frit) is created in a glass furnace and is often used in laboratory applications. The glass acts as a filter for gasses or liquids. The medium passes through the glass filter which blocks solid particles and other contaminants.

    Fritted glass is also used in creative ways. Ceramic particles are fused onto the surface of the glass, creating a decorative pattern or reducing the amount of light that can pass through. The frit can also be made with specific materials that give it a particular color or hue. Blue frit, a compound made from quartz, lime and copper, has been used since 2900 BC.

    Fritted Glass Patterns

    Among the many properties of fritted glass, its ability to be manufactured with specific patterns makes it ideal for architectural applications and creative designs. Fritted glass patterns can be as simple as small circles or dots that reduce UV penetration into a room while allowing for natural light. Other uses allow for highly customizable architectural designs or glass walls to be used without reducing privacy.

    Fritted glass patterns can also be colored or tinted depending on the design specifications. Colored fritted glass is used to create a specific aesthetic appeal, match a building's color scheme or reflect corporate branding.

    How to Manufacture Fritted Glass

    While methodologies have changed over the years as technology has improved, the manufacturing process of fritted glass has stayed the same.

    1. Clean and prepare the glass surface
    2. Mix the ceramic particles together
    3. Heat the glass in a sintering furnace
    4. Create the desired fritted glass patterns by depositing the ceramic particles onto the glass
    5. Allow the glass to cool and harden
    6. Inspect the glass for quality standards and imperfections
    7. Cut and fabricate your fritted glass into the desired shape

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