Nuclear Power Generation Furnaces

Powering Alternative Fuel Generation with High Temperature Furnaces

For companies exploring new forms of nuclear power, Sentro Tech offers the high temperature equipment you need to optimize your existing operations and explore alternative forms of power generation. Having served as a critical partner for many sustainable fuel providers, our catalog of high temperature furnaces, heating elements and other equipment is engineered to deliver exacting temperature uniformity throughout the entire process.

Benefits of Nuclear Power Generation Furnaces

Some of the benefits of nuclear power generation furnaces are that during the heat treating process SenrtoTechs high temperature furnaces are capable of reaching higher temperatures than a typical furnace.

With a full line of high temperature furnaces and accompanying equipment all our products are engineered to ensure the precise temperature control and uniform consistency needed for efficient nuclear power generation. In addition, our vacuum and atmosphere controlled furnaces allow for a multi-atmosphere process in one cycle with accurate air/inert gas flow rate control. Finally, our catalog of alumina tubes and silicon carbide tubes feature high flexural strength and excellent thermal shock resistance.

High Temperature Furnaces and Custom Parts for Nuclear Power Generation

In addition to our full catalog of high temperature furnaces and heating elements, Sentro Tech can also deliver a custom solution engineered to match the exacting needs of your nuclear power generation processes:

High Temperature Furnaces Featuring automatic shutdown, our high temperature furnaces range in temperature from 1600°C to 1800°C.
Vacuum and Atmosphere Controlled Furnaces Our 13000C and 1600°C all-in-one high temperature furnaces can facilitate the operation of alternative firing cycles.
Alumina tubes Delivering 99.5% to 99.8% high purity, Sentro Tech alumina tubes are available in custom sizes.
Silicon carbide tubes Available in tube diameters from 3/4″ to 9″, Sentro Tech offers Sintered Alpha Silicon carbide tube products.

Contact a Sentro Tech representative today to learn how we can serve your nuclear power generation needs.