Industrial Heat Treatment Furnaces & Ovens

Industry leaders rely on Sentro Tech high-temperature furnaces and ovens to perform and control heat treatment. Choose from a variety of standard heat treatment furnaces or work with our team to design a custom heat treating oven for your application.

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What Are Heat Treating Furnaces Used For?

During the process of heat treatment, a heat treating furnace or oven is used to intentionally change a material’s physical, and sometimes chemical, properties through the application of heat. After being heated to a high temperature, the material is uniformly cooled to change its structure. This process can be used to strengthen or soften a material, as well as improve its durability and performance.

Two of the two most popular materials for heat treatment are glass and metal. To effectively heat-treat these materials, manufacturers and laboratories use industrial heat treating ovens or furnaces. Since glass and metal require different heat treatments, the high-temperature oven needs to be versatile and reliable.

If your application has specific requirements, Sentro Tech can supply you with a specialized heat treating furnace that is designed to meet your needs. Heat treatment furnaces and ovens come in a variety of shapes, sizes and provisions to match the specifications of your industry, but can be further modified if needed. The size, temperature range, and process capabilities of high-temperature furnaces can be customized for various types of heat treatment methods and applications.

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Custom High-Temperature Furnaces for Heat Treatment Applications

Industrial heat treating furnaces are the best option for any application that requires excellent temperature control and uniformity. Sentro Tech’s line of versatile heat treating furnaces allow you to perform an array of heat treatment processes, including:

  • Sintering
  • Quenching
  • Case hardening
  • Precipitation strengthening
  • Tempering
  • Annealing
  • Curing
  • Ashing

Industrial Heat Treatment Furnace Features

High-temperature furnaces need high quality heating elements, precise temperature control functionality, reliable timers, and specific control requirements in order to perform heat treatments. Sentro Tech manufactures standard and custom heat treatment furnaces and heating elements made with corrosion-resistant materials that are engineered to deliver lasting results. Our furnaces are equipped with the latest temperature control technology to ensure that they reach the temperatures necessary to change material properties while maintaining accuracy and providing safe operations.

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