Ashing Furnaces and Ovens

What is an ashing furnace?

Ashing is the process of heating materials to either remove unwanted materials or analyze the ash residue. An ashing furnace is one that is capable of heating these materials safely in a laboratory environment.

In most ashing furnaces, products are placed in an enclosure where they are burned until only ash remains, while also being scientifically weighed through the entire combustion process. Ashing furnaces can be used for cleaning products or collecting the ash for analysis.

What makes an effective ashing furnace?

In order to heat samples effectively, an ashing furnace must:

  • Provide the right temperature throughout the chamber
  • Withstand aggressive substances during the heating process
  • Hold up against mechanical weathering overtime

What materials can be heated in an ashing furnace?

Ashing furnaces are useful for man lab applications, and as such are capable of handling all types of materials. Some of the common materials heated in Sentro Tech’s ashing furnaces are:

  • Plastics
  • Paints
  • Food
  • Coal
  • Hydrocarbons

Sentro Tech’s furnaces are the best choice for your lab and production material ashing processes. With nearly 20 years of experience in custom laboratory and production furnace design, we are well-equipped to make the best furnace for your specifications. Request a quote on your custom ashing furnace today!

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