New Materials Development Furnaces & Equipment

The new materials development industry is at the forefront of the world’s scientific and technological advancements. Improvements on materials range from increasing strength to increasing flexibility to decreasing production costs. Oftentimes, high temperature furnaces are utilized to test and create these improvements.

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The types of new materials being developed include chemicals, polymers, ceramics, metals, nanomaterials, and more. As advancements occur in new materials, pathways are made for innovations in a variety of other industries. For example, improvements in component material are directly related to the developing technologies of batter-based energy storage.

The research and development processes for these new materials can vary widely. The use of heat treatments and furnaces for new materials development requires reliable, safe furnaces.

SentroTechs’ new materials development high-temperature furnaces are proven to be the best and deliver long-lasting performance. Our furnaces are available in temperature ranges of:

Materials Development Furnaces
Materials Development Equipment

Another essential aspect of new materials development is the use of vacuum and atmosphere-controlled furnaces. fortunately, SentroTech offers an all-in-one vacuum furnace that can facilitate the operation of alternative firing cycles and is available in temperature ranges of:

High Temperature Materials Development Furnaces

Our high temperature box furnaces are the industry standard for temperature uniformity and temperature accuracy, making them reliable choices for materials testing. With vacuum, controlled atmosphere, and air furnace capabilities all in one, the Sentro Tech vacuum furnaces are versatile and high performance. Finally, our custom furnace capabilities allow us to work with you to create the ideal furnace for your research and development process.

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