Heat Treating

Sentro Tech’s alumina tubes are ideal for heat treatment due to their ability to withstand high temperatures under various vacuum conditions. Alumina tubes also possess abrasion resistance and chemical resistance under high temperatures.

Our tube furnaces can conduct purifications and syntheses of inorganic compounds necessary for heat treatments. Using heat from tube furnaces or box furnaces, materials being heat treated can be hardened, softened, or modified in a variety of ways.

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What is Heat Treating?

Heat treating parts is regularly used to change or strengthen a parts’ structure using a heat treat furnace. This can be accomplished by heating a part to a high temperature and cooling it off at a steady rate. During a heat-treating process, the material will undergo many changes in its molecular properties in a heat treat furnace.

Heat Treating
Heat Treating Equipment

Products Available for Heat Treating:

  • Alumina Tubes
  • 1200°C Low Cost Box Furnace
  • Tube Furnaces
  • High Temperature Box Furnaces

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