Battery Manufacturing

Furnaces play an important role in the battery making process. Without high temperature furnaces, the steps of lead melting, heat drying, and label application would not be possible. The lithium battery manufacturing process starts with active electrode coating and ends with acceptance testing. Vacuum furnaces are responsible for the steps of vacuum heat drying and vacuum filling, which are some of the final steps of battery formation.

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Battery Manufacturing

Our vacuum and atmosphere furnaces are capable of multi-atmosphere process in one cycle, making them ideal for the battery making process. They also feature precise air/inert gas flow control, temperature uniformity, and temperature control. At every step of the way, Sentro Tech’s vacuum furnaces can be relied on.

Products Available for Battery Manufacturing:

  • 1300°C Controlled Atmosphere and Vacuum Furnace
  • 1600°C Controlled Atmosphere and Vacuum Furnace

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