High Temperature Muffle, Tube, and Vacuum Furnaces

Sentro Tech manufacturers high-temperature furnaces, including muffle furnaces, box furnaces, tube furnaces, vacuum furnaces, and replacement parts for laboratory and production applications. For specific production needs, consider a custom-built Sentro Tech high-temperature furnace to meet your temperature and configuration requirements. We can meet your needs when others can’t.

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Sentro Tech: High Temperature Furnaces, Kilns, Ovens & More
Sentro Tech Muffle Furnaces

Muffle Furnaces

•Temperatures: 1200°C - 1800°C
•Chamber Sizes: up to 36"x36"x36"
•Designed for Precise Temp Uniformity, Control, & Efficiency

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High Temperature Atmosphere / Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum Furnaces

•Temperatures: 1300°C - 1600°C
•Chamber Sizes: up to 24"x24"x24"
•All-in-One Functionality (Vacuum and Controlled-Atmosphere)

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Sentro Tech Tube Furnaces

Tube Furnaces

•Temperatures: 1200°C - 1700°C
•Tube Diameters: 1.5" to 8.0"
•Heated Lengths: 6" to 48"
•Rotary and Tilting Functionality

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Sentro Tech STVO-1600C Oxygen Atmosphere Furnace

Oxygen Furnaces

•Temperatures: 1300°C - 1600°C
•Chamber Sizes: up to 24"x24"x24"
•Excellent Temperature Accuracy and Uniformity

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Custom High-Temperature Furnaces

We specialize in manufacturing customized high-temperature furnaces, ovens, kilns, and replacement parts. If your application requires unique capabilities or functionality, contact us today!

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