Standard and Custom Box Furnaces

Find a high temperature box furnace built to your exacting needs

Boasting the best value to cost ratio in the industry and featuring an available temperature range of 1200°C to 1800°C, Sentro Tech box furnaces are the perfect choice for any number of laboratory, university and dental applications. Designed to deliver accurate temperature control and excellent uniformity, each furnace delivers the precise control needed for even the most exacting lab or production processes. Browse our selection below to find the right unit for your needs.

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1200°C Low Cost Box Furnace

Featuring a max working temperature of 1200°C, this low cost box furnace with a double shell design delivers uniform temperature while also maintaining a low outside surface temperature. Coupling this consistency and safety with the box furnace’s 30-Segment Easy Use PID Programmable Temperature Controller makes the furnace an ideal choice for any laboratory, university or small-scale production application. Learn More . . .

1200°C Low Cost Box Furnance

1500°C High Temperature Box Furnace

1500°C High Temperature Box Furnace

For the best value to cost ratio investment in the furnace industry, the Sentro Tech 1500°C high temperature box furnace is hard to match. With a max working temperature of 1500°C and operating with 208/240V, this furnace delivers accurate temperature control while maintaining temperature uniformity throughout the entire heating application. Ideal for laborites and small-scale production processes, the furnace’s uniquely designed u-shaped carbide heating elements work to ensure longer life while maintaining better heat radiation properties at high temperatures.Learn More . . .