What is a Crucible Furnace?

A crucible furnace is one of the oldest types of melting ovens there is. It is a container that can be made from any material that has the ability to withstand very high melting temperatures. These ovens are categorized by how the molten metal is removed from the crucible:

• Tilting furnace: tilting the crucible to pour the metal into the mold.
• Bale-out furnace: metal is ladled out of the crucible.
• Lift-out furnace: both crucible and metal are removed from the furnace for direct pouring.

How Crucible Furnaces are Used

Crucible furnaces are typically the go-to when small doses of low melting point alloy are required. These furnaces are ideal for laboratories where metal, glass, and pigment production take place, but can also be found in small businesses and vocational schools.