High-Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnaces and Ovens

Sentro Tech is a leading supplier of brazing ovens and vacuum brazing furnaces nationwide. Used extensively in the manufacturing process of numerous industries, our brazing furnaces are involved in hundreds of applications. From multi-joint assemblies to turbine components for renewable energy, brazing ovens are sought after for their reproducibility, efficiency and control.

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What Is A Brazing Furnace?

A vacuum brazing furnace joins two or more metal materials together. Using a dissimilar metal filler material, the brazing oven is heated until the filler metal begins to flow. As the component cools, the metal solidifies again and binds the materials together. The filler metal has a lower melting point than the materials being joined.

Vacuum brazing furnaces remove oxygen from the heating chamber to prevent oxidation of the metals during the heating process. Filler metals are then brought up to brazing temperature, filling the space between joints due to capillary action. Removing the oxide layer prevents contamination while the brazing cycle doesn’t cause thermal distortion like other metal joining processes.

A vacuum brazing oven consists of a double-walled heating chamber and a vacuum pump to remove oxygen from the vessel. Parts are loaded and sealed into the chamber and the temperature is raised to the melting point of the filler metal. The parts are then cooled, removed and inspected for quality.

How Brazing Ovens Are Used

A vacuum brazing furnace is used as a finishing process for simple and complex components and assemblies. When one or more pieces of metal need to be combined into a single joint or assembly, brazing ovens are frequently used due to their many advantages over other metal joining processes. Utilizing a controlled heat cycle that eliminates part distortion allows for combining unweldable materials and reproducing parts at scale.

A number of materials and metals utilize furnace brazing. Stainless steel components are frequently joined using a brazing oven to produce assemblies in a controlled atmosphere. Other metals, such as nickel, copper, and silver, can be used as braze filler metals.


What Industries Use Vacuum Brazing Furnaces?

Brazing ovens are used by a number of industries from original equipment manufacturers to aerospace. Because the process of furnace brazing is highly reproducible and creates strong bonds between metals, it is used in numerous applications in the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Heavy machinery
  • Medical components
  • Electronics
  • Nuclear engineering
  • Petrochemicals
  • Transportation
  • Shipbuilding

Choose Sentro Tech as Your Vacuum Brazing Furnace Provider

Sentro Tech has decades of design and engineering experience manufacturing vacuum brazing furnaces and ovens for industrial use. We specialize in producing custom vacuum furnaces built to client specifications. Our maintenance programs provide ongoing technical support for customers throughout the life of their brazing furnace. Sentro Tech is the best choice as your brazing oven supplier.

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