Custom Vacuum Pump for Tube Furnace

Vacuum Pump for Tube FurnaceVacuum tube furnace parts from Sentro Tech

In need of a replacement vacuum pump for your custom Sentro Tech tube furnace? Vacuum pumps are one of the components we offer for replacements on our custom tube furnaces.

In a vacuum tube furnace, you have to have a pump to be able to remove the air from the furnace tube, or to change the atmosphere within the vacuum. Sentro Tech’s controlled atmosphere tube furnaces are able to use the vacuum pump in the process of transferring from one atmospheric condition in the tube to another.

All of our vacuum tube furnaces come equipped with the vacuum, but sometimes due to general wear and tear, the pumps will break. This is why we offer a replacement part. Contact us today and let us know which furnace you need a vacuum pump for, and we will find the replacement that works for you.

Need any other replacement parts for your furnace? We offer several; replacement components:

Let us know if you are in need of any of these parts, or if you have any other questions about our vacuum tube furnace products!