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1600C Vacuum Furnace, Controlled Atmosphere Furnace and Air Furnace All-in-One

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Sentro Tech's 1300C and 1600°C versatile all-in-one high temperature furnaces facilitate operation of firing cycles where atmosphere condition can be altered during operation cycle, from oxidizing, (such as air to inert atmosphere), or argon/nitrogen to vacuum. This type of vacuum furnace makes multi-atmosphere process in one cycle possible: binder burn out in air and parts sintering under vacuum or inert gas atmosphere. These atmosphere furnaces are designed for accurate air/inert gas flow rate control, accurate temperature control, excellent temperature uniformity, long lasting performance and safe operations. This vacuum atmosphere furnace is ideal for vacuum atmosphere brazing, sintering, surface treatment, thermal heat treatment and high temperature material process including stainless steel, titanium, aerospace material, silicon carbide wafer, other metals and ceramics.

Click here for a link to the STC series inert gas self-circulation system »

The STV-1600C series vacuum and atmosphere controlled furnace models come complete with the following features:

  • Max working temperature: 1600C in air and inert atmosphere
  • 208/220V single phase for all models except STV-1600C-181818, STV-1600C-242424 and STV-1600C-363636 ( STV-1600C-181818, STV-1600C-242424 and STV-1600C-363636 require three phases)
  • Max vacuum: 10-2 torr
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • 30 Segment Easy Use PID Programmable Temperature Controller, allows the control of heating rates, dwells (time holds) and cooling rates
  • MoSi2 heating elements are designed in a unique U shaped configuration to ensure the longest heating element life, best heat radiation properties at high temperature and easy exchange
  • All models use Ceramic fiber board lining to ensure energy efficiency
  • All models use Long Life Platinum/Rhodium B Type Thermocouple
  • One Year Limited Warranty on All Electronic Parts
  • Most models are in stock for quick delivery
  • Custom sizes available on request

Product Models for 1600C Vacuum Furnace, Controlled Atmosphere Furnace and Air Furnace All-in-One
Chamber H x W x DOutside DimensionsPower (KW)AmpsVoltageTemperature in Air & Argon Gas (C)Temperature in Vacuum (C)Max Vacuum
6" x 6" x 6"40" x 30" x 52"425/single phase208/240V1600140010 -2 Torr
8" x 8" x 8"44" x 33" x 58"640/single phase208/240V1600140010 -2 Torr
10"x10"x12"49" x 37" x 66"950/single phase208V/240V1600140010 -2 Torr
12" x 12" x 16"55" x 41" x 75"1690/single208V/240V1600140010 -2 Torr
18" x 18" x 18"76” x 53” x 75”3090A/three phase208V/240V three phase1600140010 -2 Torr
24" x 24" x 24"81” x 52” x 95”50150/three phase or 80A three phase208V or 480V1600140010 -2 Torr
36" x 36" x 36"95" x 65" x 95"130160A three phase480V1600140010 -2 Torr
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