Laboratory Ovens & Furnaces

There are many different uses for laboratory furnaces. The types of labs that use furnaces range from dental labs to university labs to quality control labs. Accordingly, the needs of each of these laboratories can be very different. For example, dental furnaces must be able to perform zirconia binder burnout, firing, and sintering. Quality control labs use furnaces specifically for thermal testing, which requires high temperatures to determine imperfections in materials.

Laboratory Ovens & Furnaces

On the other hand, independent research laboratories and university laboratories can have a variety of needs across different departments and projects. For most laboratories, box furnaces are an ideal option. They are versatile and reliable yet also highly effective. Most importantly, though, they are safe and simple to use. As an invaluable part of everyday work in laboratories, it is vital that your furnace can be easily operated by all of your lab workers.

Our laboratory furnaces ensure this. SentroTech’s options for laboratory ovens & furnaces include:

1200°C box furnace

1500°C box furnace

1600°C box furnace

1700°C box furnace

1800°C box furnace