What is an Ashing Furnace?

An ashing furnace is a type of laboratory oven used to heat materials to either remove unwanted materials or to analyze ash residue. Products are placed in an enclosure inside the furnace where they are burned until only ash remains. This type of oven typically includes a scale to weigh materials throughout the entire combustion process.

In order to heat samples effectively, an ashing furnace must:
• Provide the right temperature throughout the chamber.
• Withstand aggressive substances during the heating process.
• Hold up against mechanical weathering overtime.

How Ashing Furnaces are Used

Ashing furnaces are used to determine the amount of ash material present in a sample. These ovens can be used to simply burn away unwanted material from a product for cleaning, or to collect the ash remaining for analysis. The most common materials heated in an ashing furnace include, but are not limited to, plastics, paints, food, coal, and hydrocarbons.